Boston, lovingly referred to as Beantown, is the capital of Massachusetts. It’s mainly known for its history and role in the foundation of the US, but it’s also a hot spot for restaurants, shopping, and more. The city is home to over 30 different colleges and universities, which means that there’s always something to do. We’ve collected our top tips below so that you can get the most out of your trip and leave feeling like a local.

The Inside Scoop

  1. The T tends to run behind schedule, so make sure to allot for extra travel time.
  2. You might think that Mike’s Pastry is the best in the North End, but Modern Pastry is just as good.
  3. Cambridge (home of Harvard) is actually across a bridge which makes taking public transportation not impossible, but kind of difficult. We’d recommend taking an Uber to save time.
  4. All the cross streets in Back Bay (Boston’s downtown neighborhood) follow the alphabet from A-G, which makes finding things easy.
  5. If you don’t want to pay big bucks for Boston parking, park outside of the city at the end of the T line. We’d recommend Alewife and Ashmont on the Red Line.
  6. The most luxurious Newbury Street shops are closest to the Boston Garden, with more boutiques and chain stores as you head towards Mass Ave. 
  7. We love our sports (maybe because we’re the best), so when there’s a game… prepare for a packed city, both on the streets and on the T. Watch out for Fenway and North Station!
  8. You can actually kayak down the Charles River to get the best Boston skyline views.

Boston's Best by Neighborhood

We talked to a few locals and compiled their favorites into a quick guide for you to follow as you make your way through the city. 

Back Bay/Newbury

Must Eat: Joe’s American Bar and Grille

Must Visit: Boston Public Gardens

Must See: The Prudential Rooftop


Must Eat: Committee

Must Visit: The ICA

Must Drink: Harpoon Brewery

North End

Must Eat: Mamma Maria

South End

Must Eat: Frenchie

Must Visit: SOWA Market


Must Eat: Tiger Mama

Must Visit: Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

Must See: Time Out Market

Government Center

Must Eat: Mariel

Must See: The Freedom Trail


Must Eat: Longfellow Bar

Must See: Harvard

Top 5 Historical Spots

Boston is so packed with history that around every corner there’s something to learn. Even though it’s called the walking city, we don’t expect anyone to actually walk the whole thing, so here’s a cheat sheet. Visiting these spots is like a history class… with the fun professor who doesn’t give you any tests.

1. Paul Revere’s House

Revere is best known for his midnight ride, but he was also a silversmith! Learn all about Paul Revere’s life on an informative self-guided tour.

2. Fenway Park

Need we say more.

3. Boston Tea Party Museum

Float and find out about the unlikely relationship between taxation and tea.

4. Old North Church

A notable stop on both the Freedom Trail and Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride that will
shed some light on the American Revolution.

5. Granary Burying Ground

A cemetery that is the resting place of many notable historical figures including John
Hancock, Paul Revere, and Sam Adams.